Our group came together in the spring of 2009. Several individuals began discussing how great it would be to form a club of people interested in classic muscle/special interest vehicles. Within a few days twelve individuals met informally and agreed to forming the club. Priority was given to sponsoring a special one-day event at Riverside Park on an annual basis. The club’s focus or mission would be to use all profits to enhance Riverside Park.

With the assistance of Kirsch Accounting Services and Atty. Todd Infield, we were granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS. We were also qualified to receive tax-deductible donations under sections 170, 2055, 2106 and 2522 of the IRS Code.

A mission statement was developed emphasizing the enhancement of Riverside Park. The planning of enhancements would bring together other community groups with the goal of benefitting Cassville and surrounding communities in both Grant County, Wisconsin and Clayton County, Iowa.

Our annual event is always held on Labor Day Saturday. Each year we work to make the day a more family-oriented event. The first event in 2009 was funded by donations from many local businesses and individuals. Since then, with good planning and lots of hard work by our members, we have had four profitable events.

Our park projects include a new colored and textured concrete dance floor in front of the park’s band stand and a new basketball court. In 2013 we decided to embark on a major project of a new boat dock facility. We purchased and assembled new docks, excavated the river bank, formed and poured a large concrete pad and steps to the park. We then laid in several dump truck loads of rip-rap to stabilize the bank. The club solicited and raised approximately $40,000 to cover the cost of materials and donated 375 hours of very physical labor. The finished product was valued at $90,000.

In 2014, we expanded the docks and began the Cassville Riverwalk. The first phase of the Riverwalk started at the boat docks and will eventually go 750’ leading boaters to downtown businesses. The “walk” will be 10’ wide colored concrete with attractive LED lights spaced every 100’.

Now in 2021, thanks to the generous local residents and businesses of the area, we have completed 1,600′ of the Riverwalk! Our goal now is to have the “walk” run the entire length (2,500′) of Riverside Park.  We also have purchased and planted new trees in the park and will be doing more of the same in the near future.